The role you’re interviewing for may just be perfect for you, but we all know it’s not just about the work you’ll be doing, it’s also about the company dynamic.

Company culture is important. It can be the distinguishing factor between accepting or declining a great job offer. Don’t be fooled by glass walls, interesting artwork or Friday afternoon drinks, because ultimately these things won’t be the main contributing factors to whether you feel happy and successful in your new work environment.

In reality it comes down to how you like to work, so be honest now…

  • Do you want an environment where you are encouraged creatively?
  • Do you prefer a more corporate, structure atmosphere?
  • Do you want to be part of a social team with activities outside of work?
  • Do want 9 to 5, or are you willing to clock up extra hours and travel?
  • Do you want a loud, bustling office with lots of people?
  • Or somewhere you can work independently and quietly?
  • What makes you happy at work?
  • What inspires you to be productive?
  • Does it contribute to, or improve your lifestyle outside of work?


Once you understand what you really want from a workplace it then becomes easier to spot the indicators of whether a company culture is right for you.


Here’s a few ways to determine company culture…


websiteCompany Website

You can tell a lot about a company from their website. It’s a good indicator of the company size, how they communicate and their business style. Take note of the design, the content and what they are actually conveying – what’s their goal/mission statement? Would you want to support this and work to contribute to their success?


mapPhysical Location

When you go for an interview, push back the nervous for a moment and take a good look around. Take in the style of the office environment, the available facilities, is it light and airy? Corporate or creative? How the desks are grouped or designated individual offices can give you an idea of hierarchy, teamwork and management styles.


moodMood & Atmosphere

When walking through the office take note of the general mood or atmosphere as this will give you a clue to the working atmosphere. Is it quiet or are people talking? Do people look happy and productive, or stressed? Obviously you will only get a small insight and some companies will brief staff to be on their best behaviour if interviewing someone but if someone is slumped over their desk crying then that’s definitely a bad sign!


interviewerThe Interviewer

As your interviewer will no doubt be sizing you up, it’s prudent to do the same to them, especially if they are to be your direct manager. We all know that first impressions count so be aware of how you are greeted, their communication style, whether they are friendly or more formal. These all hint to their personality and the type of manager they may be.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what a typical day might be like for you in the role, or about the size of the team or the company work ethic.



Are there any benefits beyond salary and holiday allowance? Often more progressive employers will outline how they support and develop employees and showcase progression opportunities. Other companies may highlight extra benefits such as healthcare or bonuses/rewards. These all point to a responsive employer that listens to staff feedback and wants to incentivise their workforce.


In the end, once you work out what’s important to you and what style of working makes you happy, it will be a lot easier to pinpoint whether a company is the right fit for you. Think hard about your goals and personality and whether they align with the company you’re considering.  Happy culture hunting!



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