At the beginning of this year, we implemented an innovative video interviewing platform called Hinterview. This is just one of the tools we are using to raise the bar in recruitment, and a great Hinterview can add immense value to the recruitment process for candidates and clients alike. In additional to several other benefits, it shortens the recruitment process by almost half, removes location barriers, and can be created or viewed easily on the go!

Hinterview allows us to include a short video clip of a candidate discussing their experience or answering pre-selected questions, and presents their CV alongside it. So why should we bother with video? As humans we’re hardwired to understand images instantly, and the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it does text. According to Behavioural Scientist Susan Weinschenk, the four main reasons why online video is so compelling and persuasive are;

  • The part of the brain that is called the fusiform face area cues us to look at faces to determine one’s credibility and gather information
  • Voice conveys rich information
  • Emotions are contagious
  • Movement grabs attention

So, what makes a good Hinterview great? First and foremost, preparation is key! Our consultants are thoroughly trained on the platform and its use from both the candidates’ and clients’ perspectives. Your consultant will go over how to access the system, how the recording works, and can answer any questions you may have.

For candidates:

The key to a great Hinterview is not too different from how you would want to present yourself in person, such as maintaining eye contact (ie. looking at the camera and not the screen), positive body language, and showing emotion. Just like a regular interview, you want to ensure you do some prep work beforehand, which also includes ensuring you’re in a quiet space with a good internet signal. With a great Hinterview, you can showcase your personality, share additional experience that may not be outlined on your CV, and most importantly not rely on your CV alone to set yourself apart from other candidates!

For clients:

Hinterview provides you with access to the top talent, allows you to evaluate cultural fit right from the very start of the process, and helps to uncover hidden gems. In addition to reducing the hiring process from 45 to 25 days and saving time and expenses, it can eliminate turnover due to faults in the hiring process. The content of the Hinterview is entirely up to you, whether you’re interested in a general overview or answers to specific questions you would like your consultant to ask candidates. It can be easily viewed on the go via mobile, and shared among hiring managers across teams!

Click below to see an example Hinterview with two of our awesome consultants!


Whether you’re a candidate or client, Hinterview is easy to use and adds great value to the hiring process! We’re constantly looking for innovative technology that will enhance the recruitment process for everyone involved.



StefaniaThis blog post was written by Stefania Occhilupo, one of our awesome Contracts Consultants.

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