Virtual Reality (VR) is huge right now, rapidly evolving and here to stay. It is penetrating a wide range of industries; not just technology, and will transform the world as we know it.

But how will it affect the HR and Recruitment industries? Here are 5 areas that VR will have an impact:

Talent Acquisition

Generation Z are leaving Uni, and competition to attract these ambitious, tech-savvy graduates is fierce. Businesses need to show they are advanced and innovative as well as showcase what they can offer prospective employees: what it’s like to work there, the culture, the progression etc.

VR is also used to gamify the application process; a great example of which is Jaguar’s collaboration with the virtual, animated band Gorillaz. They created a free app where candidates can learn more about electric vehicles and play fun but demanding code-breaking puzzles. Those who perform well are then fast-tracked through the recruitment process.


VR can help with the interview process massively, not least with the logistics. Using VR, hiring managers can conduct live, face to face interview with candidates all over the world.

You can also test applicants’ abilities in virtual situations, making it easier to assess suitability and whether they can truly ‘walk the walk’.

Office Tours

Top talent will want to know their future working environment is a cool and enjoyable space to work in, so virtual office tours are becoming increasingly the norm. These virtual tours allow candidates to really get a feel for the work environment and culture, while saving the company money and time.

Training / Learning & Development

The power of VR can be harnessed to significant effect in this area, as it opens great opportunities to learn and practice skills before actually starting a role. It can recreate real-life situations, which is perfect for professions including but not limited to engineers, chefs, surgeons and pilots.

Managers can visit different offices and locations using the technology which again, reduces costs by cutting out additional travel and training time.


Another area where VR is a big cost and time saver! Onboarding is a key element in retaining staff, but it can be a lengthy process and frustrating for new hires who want to hit the ground running, rather than spending hours on paperwork, orientation and company policies. So, where VR can simulate and automate hands-on training and take the load of HR, it adds real value.  It can also  be self-paced, providing the employees with more control over their own on-boarding.

KFC released a VR game last year to on-board and train new cooks, where the voice of the legendary Colonel instructs players through the famed chicken recipe!


VR allows the Recruitment and HR industries to engage talent in more exciting ways than ever, and it seems the possibilities are endless – so exciting times ahead!


Hannah EvansThis blog post was written by Hannah Evans, one of our awesome Tech Recruitment Consultants.

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