It used to be that brand ambassadors were primarily your customers, the ones who gave you rave online reviews and recommended your products to friends and colleagues. That might still be the case but you also need to utilise your resources inhouse – your own employees. Employee engagement with your brand is crucial for business success. Here’s why all your employees should be brand ambassadors…


Brand loyalty

By ensuring your employees understand your brand and your product offering, you’re creating a collective atmosphere and shared purpose, not to mention equipping employees to market your products more effectively. By communicating your values, mission and business strategy you are creating a sense of inclusion, transparency and employee importance. This in turn positively impacts productivity, engagement and reduces staff turnover.


It humanises your product

It sounds obvious but people relate to people more than they do to a product. Having your employees understand your product and show examples of its uses and their own personal experiences make it easier for your customer to relate. Emotion is a huge factor in purchasing and brand loyalty so if your own employees can harness this it will create a feeling of trust with your customer.


Broaden your audience base

Sometimes it really is all about who you know. If your company has a few hundred employees then you can easily expand your marketing reach. Utilise this audience and enable your employees by providing them with content that they can share as brand ambassadors to promote your brand.


More insight

How often has a junior employee noticed something that has slipped past several senior employees?  Having your employees act as brand ambassadors is a useful way of gathering feedback and then utilising this information in relation to your customers. Your employees should be able to constructively critique your brand and it’s important to welcome comments, contributions and suggestions.


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