It’s really hot out there, and it looks like these sizzling summer temperatures are here to stay. In fact, climate estimates suggest that by 2040 this type of weather will constitute normal summer temperatures in the UK! This weather is great for the beach, but here’s some tips on how to stay cool for summer interviews:


Preparation is key. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if you haven’t interviewed for some time. Stress and anxiety trigger the sympathetic nervous system, causing our bodies to sweat in order to cool us down. You’re already up against high summer temps so try to minimise other sweat-inducing stressors!

The amount of time you spend preparing for the actual meeting will of course vary with the type of interview or stage you’re at in the process. If it’s a casual chat it may help to spend even just a few minutes with a friend or family member going over the key selling points you want to get across. If you’re further in the process and presenting a task, experts suggest that optimal preparation time is one hour spent practicing for every minute of presentation.


Try to stay cool when you’re getting ready. Opt for lightweight fabrics and waterproof mascara (for those that wear it)! Long hair can be tied up in a polished ponytail or bun, or pack a travel size dry shampoo to take with you. Remember to bring along a deodorant to freshen up when you arrive and a bottle of water for the journey.


Map out your journey ahead of time, because there’s nothing more stressful than rushing around last minute and risking being late! Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and try to avoid the underground if you can. Find an air-conditioned coffee shop nearby where you can sip on a cold drink and go over your notes.


Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and freshen up– nobody likes a clammy handshake! If you’re bringing along a suit jacket or blazer, wait to put it on until just before you arrive at your interview.


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