Are you keen to explore the world of digital marketing without being tied down to a permanent role? Do you like the idea of immersing yourself in a variety of working environments? Or are you still searching for your niche within this colossal industry?

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing and there are many specialist avenues to explore. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, perhaps you should consider a digital marketing contract!

These are some of the key benefits to contracting:


Many contractors would agree this is a massive selling point. The freedom of selection when it comes to your assignments and clients you work with,  allows you to work on projects that truly interest you. Once one project is completed, you can then move to another area that takes your interest. With digital marketing contracts, you’re never doing the same thing for too long, and the opportunities to work and collaborate across different sectors can be very rewarding. You may have an interest in SEO but soon find that CRM is where your passion lies. Creative agencies will operate differently to companies in financial services, and working across various industries can give you great insight that will help shape your future career path. Take advantage of variety and find your niche.


As a contractor you are in control of what skills and areas of expertise you choose to develop, leading to greater job satisfaction and return on financial investment. If you need to take time out between projects to complete courses or qualifications, your time isn’t restricted by the responsibility of a permanent job. You’re granted a great level of autonomy as a contractor, which gives you flexibility to work around your commitments to learning and development.

Higher Pay

In general most contractors earn more than a permanent equivalent. Contractors are often on a higher rate per day/hour and your tax status enables you to take home more, adding that bit of extra financial cushion. It’s important that you stay up-to-date with current tax legislation and adhere to best practice, but there’s many helpful resources. Find out more here.

Flexibility/Holidays/Work life Balance

A permanent role typically requires you to turn up to the office five days each week, between set hours with limited time off. As a digital marketing contractor, you can look for projects that suit how you like to work and support your plans. Perhaps you want to take a long summer holiday, or an extended Christmas break which spans the whole of December. This flexibility can make all the difference to a satisfying work life balance. Remote working is commonplace within this market so negotiate a contract that suits your lifestyle. There are always projects within digital marketing, from large website migration projects lasting over several months to short term marketing campaigns that require an interim specialist.


Overall, contracting within digital marketing has great benefits to offer. It is a popular career path for many industry professionals. The goal is to be motivated and satisfied with the project you’re taking on and the compensation you’re receiving for it. If you’re eager to find that next great digital marketing contract, or hiring contractors for your team, get in touch!


Kyle EllisonThis blog post was written by Kyle Ellison, our awesome Senior Consultant, who specialises in Digital Marketing Contract recruitment.

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