Performance marketing gives brands real time data, insight into consumer behaviours and measurable ROI. At a time when marketing is rapidly changing due to new technologies, having a performance marketer on your team could be crucial to your success.  Performance marketers can be hugely important, especially for product sales or eCommerce growth but being rare professionals you’ll need to keep them motivated and happy if you want them to stay.  Here’s how to motivate Performance Marketers…


Performance Marketer = Data Analysis + Sales + Creative

Performance marketing requires a demanding mix of skills and great performance marketers are often very rare. In a competitive market, you’ll need to understand the different facets of a performance marketer in order to motivate and retain them.

Performance marketing covers three main areas. Firstly, you have the creative side. They may be managing content, creative design and campaign strategy. Secondly there is the analytical function, monitoring response, analysing data and utilising programmatic platforms. And lastly the sales side, which will involve distilling sales and product messages and understanding demographics.

Data Analysis

Although analysis can be clinical, inclusion and business influence is important to analysts. They want to be able to directly contribute and use their problem solving skills to impact growth. To do this ensure you support them with the right performance marketing tools and platforms.  To motivate them, you’ll need to empower them to make decisions and reward them for their problem solving and data insights.

  • Reward their achievements in relation to business goals
  • Ensure they have cutting-edge data tools
  • Assign responsibilities and ensure their opinions are heard


Sales focus is key to a campaign and those with a sales background are often motivated by financial rewards; however, learning and progression are important incentives. Performance marketers can be niche and need reassurance that their position can grow with access to both promotion and development opportunities.

  • Implement a clear progression timeline
  • Suggest conferences, courses and webinars
  • Offer spot incentives


The creative side of performance marketing can be make or break for your business. Creatives are motivated by, unsurprisingly, creative freedom! They require a flexible environment and you’ll need to ensure that they have access to continual inspiration sources. Creatives generally work better as part of a team that they can bounce ideas off of so it’s important they have the opportunity to collaborate with other areas of the business.

  • Give freedom to create and test campaigns
  • Flexible development budgets
  • Ensure opportunities for cross-department working


Across the board, recognition is a key driver for performance marketers. In order to retain them, you will need to continually recognise their contributions and achievements. This shouldn’t be hard with all the ROI and campaign reporting they’ll produce at your fingertips. You can do this through awards, public praise, spot incentives or bonuses. You could also formally recognise or implement their ideas, whether this is role related or throughout the wider business culture.


Understanding Motivators

While a general understanding will help you motivate performance marketers it’s even better to know what motivates your employees individually. This way you can tailor motivating approaches to their personal needs or development goals.

Psychometric assessments are a great way of gaining insight into what motivates someone, what their learning styles are and what management style they respond best to. We offer candidate assessments to our clients as part of the hiring process. This enables hiring managers to ensure company fit, understand workplace behaviours and gain insight into personality.


Motivation levels often have a direct impact on, or correlation to, employee productivity. When it comes to niche skills and rare professionals, employee motivation and happiness become even more important. A good performance marketer is hard to find, so if you’re struggling to find the right person for your team get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

Or if you’re a performance marketer looking for a great new role drop us your CV  for  help with your job search