There’s no denying, video now dominates online content. According to Business Insider, last year video accounted for 73% of global IP traffic and this is only set to grow. Video is a great way to communicate your brand message and is incredibly popular with candidates, so why are so many businesses failing to use video in their hiring process?

60% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and while a picture might be worth a thousand words, a video is worth 1.8 million. Video creates room for context and understanding, allowing you to capture the attention of potential employees.

To effectively use video in your hiring process, you need to have a dual strategy, one for engagement and one for hiring.


Video for Engagement

Video is a fantastic tool for creating engagement with candidates. In a competitive market, you need to attract and excite candidates by showcasing your brand and company culture.

Brand understanding and an affinity with your culture or mission, can be a deciding factor for many candidates when it comes to accepting or rejecting an offer of employment. Through our own content strategies for clients, we’ve seen a 60% increase in engagement using branded video content.

There are various ways to utilise video to engage candidates, including:




Job spec Videos

We create branded job specs for our clients. No one wants to read a boring job description in Word! Job specs should be colourful, consistent with your company brand and feature links to your social media, images of your office and most importantly, engaging video. It’s a fast and effective way to communicate with candidates and get your key message across.

Culture Videos

A video showcasing your culture can be invaluable. Many candidates tell us that company culture and work environment are high on their list of priorities for a new job. Video can show potential candidates the inside your office, let them hear from your CEO and communicate testimonials from your employees.

Social Content

Social video allows you to target candidates on professional platforms. You can put your brand in front of niche candidates with paid campaigns, targeting key demographics by skill, location, job title and many more. However, social media is crowded with video content so analyse your demographics carefully. Ensure your video is attention-grabbing, focused and has a powerful call to action.

Video Adverts

If you have an interesting or complex role to recruit for, then why not create a video advert? Include the key responsibilities of the job, development opportunities and highlight exciting project work.


Video for Hiring

Beyond creating engagement, video can also speed up and support your hiring process. We’ve found that by introducing video, you can shorten your interview process by 30%, freeing up time for your hiring managers to concentrate on their day job.

We use video in four different ways:





Job Intro By Recruiter

Our recruitment consultants create videos about job roles that can be viewed online by interested candidates. Using video allows our consultants to give much more detail about a role including objectives, department structure, benefits and more. It’s quick and easy for candidates to view and means they don’t have to read through a long document to get the information they need. It also creates more of a relationship between consultants and their candidates compared to over the phone, because they can see the consultant’s face and body language.

Job Intro By Hiring Manager

We also encourage the hiring managers we work with to create their own job intro videos. Hiring managers can communicate exactly what they are looking for and give an overview of what it’s actually like to work at the company. These videos can also be embedded into job specs. Again, it’s a great way to create a relationship with the candidate. They can see the person they’ll be working with or reporting to.

Candidate Video Profiles

How often have you looked at a CV and thought, “they seem perfect- let’s invite them for an interview”, but once the person arrives you realise in the first 10 minutes they won’t be right for the role?

Using video profiles can significantly reduce your interview process. With video profiles of candidates you can see their communication style, get a feel for their personality and find out more about their experience and background. It will tell you much more about them than their CV ever could and 89% of hiring managers would rather watch a video than read through a CV.

Video Platform Feedback

We use a specialist video platform to record video conversations between our consultants and candidates. These video interviews can be recorded for multiple candidates against one job role and we can ask the candidate your key questions. This way you get the answers you really need without having to hold an initial interview.

You can share the candidate video profiles with multiple colleagues. You can view them online using your mobile and can shortlist, reject or offer feedback, all in one place. No more wasted time and scattered email threads, just watch the video profile and scroll through a candidate’s CV simultaneously.


When you embed video into your hiring process you will save time, create stronger engagement with the talent you want to hire and boost your employer brand. To find out more about how we can help with a bespoke video strategy, get in touch!