Do you need to make better hiring decisions? Have you ever made a bad hire? What did it cost you?  

The cost of a bad hiring decision varies depending on your business, seniority of the hire, and the amount of time before you realise your mistake. You may not know exactly, but you know it cost a lot! So, why do so many managers still rely on gut feeling or instinct when making their hiring decisions? 

Given the data analysis which goes into decision making in all other aspects of business, why aren’t we collecting more insightful data about our candidates? The necessary psychometric assessments are available, but so few managers use them.


Here are five very good reasons why you should use emotional intelligence and workplace behaviour assessments to inform your hiring choices and improve retention.


1. Define Your Requirements

A good supplier of psychometric assessments will help you understand the emotional intelligence and workplace behaviour qualities best suited to the role you’re looking to fill. They will also show you what the ideal assessment profile looks like. You will even be able to assess yourself and your team, identifying the common traits of your top performers.

Work with each of the hiring stakeholders to agree on a benchmark profile. When everyone understands and agrees on what is needed up front, you align expectations and reduce friction in the hiring process! This means more productive post interview discussion and decision-making.


2. Check Your Instincts

When we meet people, we instinctively make observations which we use to help us answer a series of rapid questions. Do I trust this person? Do I like them? How are they like me?

This is perfectly natural behaviour, but it should be questioned if you want more certainty in your hiring decisions. It’s very easy for unconscious bias to creep into the decision-making process if you’re not analysing your intuition.

Greater insight into a candidate’s EQ or workplace behaviours can challenge your initial assumptions, and help you find common ground which otherwise may not have been achieved.


3. Improve Your Interviews

Insightful data gives you a broader understanding of a candidate before you interview them. You can identify possible strengths and weaknesses which may otherwise go unnoticed. 

Having this insight ahead of time enables you to prepare your interview strategy and design meaningful questions. Many assessment tools will even generate suggested interview questions for your specific requirements. This helps you get the most out of your interview time and makes an impression on the candidate.


4. Compare Your Candidates

You’re about to go through a big transformation project, so which candidate is more adaptable? Who is empathetic enough to understand the other stakeholders and work with them effectively? Was the first candidate more logical and systematic in their approach, or was it the second candidate?

Using emotional intelligence and workplace behaviour assessments won’t automate your hiring process. It will however, provide a standardised measure of each of your candidates and a standardised way to compare them.


5. Successfully Onboard Your Employee

With the assessments we use at Hanover we’re able to generate “How to Manage” and “On-boarding” reports for each of the candidates we hire. These reports provide extra support and guidance when settling in a new employee.

Before probation review, we conduct a second workplace behaviour assessment to identify any unseen or unspoken changes. This provides a safe framework for productive discussion and can help you manage potential problems and improve retention.


If you’re reading this, the chances are that you believe you could be making better hiring decisions. Start by collecting the data and conducting the analysis necessary to make more informed choices. If you need tools to support you, a quick Google search for “psychometric assessments” is a good place to start or find out more on the Hanover website.


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JamesThis blog post was written by James Burdis, our Director of Operations. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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