As marketing becomes an increasingly data-driven discipline, companies across all industries and sectors are integrating some form of AI technology into their sales and marketing strategies. With new AI tools entering the market constantly, companies of all sizes and budgets can generate valuable insights and improve productivity across the customer lifecycle, whilst freeing up time for creativity and strategic decision making.

According to Deloitte, 83% of early AI adopters have already achieved substantial or moderate economic benefits. Whether your business is looking to improve personalisation, customer service efforts, content optimisation, ad targeting, brand sentiment or all of the above, an AI tool can help both quickly and at scale.

If you’re looking to up your marketing game, here are some AI tools worth checking out…



Phrasee specialises in language generation for email subject lines, social advertising and push notifications. It also outperforms humans 95% of the time! Using a performance analysis of 12 months worth of marketing copy, its natural language generation system identifies the unique combination of words, style and sentiment that generate the best audience response.

Algorithms are written specifically for your brand, and the end-to-end model continues to learn from thousands of linguistic features as results are fed back. It works with all languages and continuously optimises for opens, clicks and revenue to ensure copy is always engaging, relevant and on brand.



Relay42 empowers marketers to improve the customer journey with smart technology. What started as a DMP evolved into an AI platform, enabling marketers to centralise customer data, predict consumer behaviour, and engage across all touchpoints with effective personalisation.

DMP and CDP capabilities store and enrich raw data from all systems and channels, and industry-specific AI models translate billions of decisions into actionable insights in real time. Marketers can deliver relevant messaging across preferred channels based on comprehensive and current customer profiles. Most importantly, the platform is equipped with additional data protection capabilities to maintain compliance with EU data laws.



Klevu uses advanced self-learning technology to offer eCommerce retailers world-class search capabilities that connect shoppers with exactly what they’re looking for. The solution can be tailored to any store or budget size, and provides users with an intuitive, responsive and rewarding shopping experience.

Features include catalog data enrichment, customised search display, transaction and engagement reporting, content promotion in search results, error identification, dynamic filters, URL redirects and more. It’s Cloud hosted, and works on any device to ensure customers get the same personalised results regardless of where they’re shopping.



NetBase is an award-winning social media analytics platform that uses AI to process millions of posts, helping marketers to understand public perception of their brand and how they stack up against competitors. The platform applies AI across all sources of customer experience data to create actionable business insights for improved customer service, marketing research, PR and product innovation.

Netbase offers a range of packages to meet different objectives, and its flexible reporting integrates easily into 3rd party tools and systems. It also has a range of helpful eBooks, webinars and whitepapers with industry specific information and social analytics best practices.



Curata’s content curation system helps save marketers significant time when it comes to finding, creating and sharing valuable content with key audiences. Using keywords, news sources, authors and more, Curata returns the most relevant results in a simple dashboard.

Marketers can add their own summary and brand voice, and schedule sharing across a variety of channels. Its proprietary learning engine uses the content you share and associated ratings to improve results over time, helping to establish thought leadership and inspire new ideas. automates social advertising to improve performance and reduce the amount of time spent on campaign creation, asset management, testing, optimisation and reporting. You can create engaging video content and stories with its market-leading templates, and automatically rotate ads based on performance.

Bid levels are easily adjusted based on the lifetime value of different user groups, and results are maximised by allocating budget across ad sets and campaigns using 1st and 3rd party data. It offers flexible reporting with real-time visualisations, allowing marketers to identify performance trends and generate insights to make immediate changes and improvements.



Aivo provides omnichannel customer service solutions powered by AI, that use human empathy and human-like dialogue to solve customers’ needs quickly. The AI provides a consistent experience across any text or voice channel, learning from every interaction and adapting answers to build coherent conversations. Marketers can influence process flows by building decision trees, and real-time analytics monitor performance to help deliver improved customer experiences.


With the vast range of AI tools and integrations available there is no one-size-fits all. Define clear objectives, identify relevant options and evaluate them with demos and free trials. As AI continues to influence across industries and segments, it’s worthwhile for marketers to experiment with this data-driven technology to maintain a competitive edge.

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