UK consumers spend about £30bn in the “golden quarter” leading up to Christmas. To attract some of that spending power, in 2018 brands spent a record £6bn on Christmas advertising.  So what makes a great Christmas campaign?

Here’s 10 inspiring Christmas marketing campaigns to get you in the festive feel good mood!


1. Revisited: Sky – E.T came home for Christmas

Sky uses the emotive message of reconnecting with your loved ones. This year their Christmas campaign features the beloved character of E.T. reuniting with Elliott’s 2019 family.


2. Celebrity: Spotify – & Mariah

Music plays a big factor in everyone’s Christmas, so Mariah Carey teamed up with Spotify to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her hit ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’.


3. Recognition: Boden celebrates the NHS

Christmas is a time to recognise and celebrate those who are often underappreciated.  As part of its ‘Wear The Joy, Share The Joy’ campaign, Boden celebrates the staff of the NHS with a surprise makeover and party.


4. Classic: Coca-Cola – Holidays are coming

What’s that saying? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Coca-cola cornered the Christmas advertising market when they came up with the ‘holidays are coming’ campaign over 25 years ago and it’s still going strong. This year they’ve added a quick message on remembering to recycle.


5. Charity: Co-op – Food that helps fund local causes

The Co-op showcased one of the many small causes they support by featuring community group BTM Brass Band in their Christmas advert.  Supporting small initiatives and charities with £17m of funding, Co-op reminds us that Christmas is about more than just presents.


6. Fresh: IKEA – Silence The Critics

Is your home Christmas ready? Will you be criticised on your furniture choices by relatives? IKEA seems to think so. In one of their few Christmas campaigns they take a fresh approach to convincing consumers to redecorate ready for the festivities.


7. Nostalgia: BBC – #XmasLife

The BBC is banking on you eating way too much this Christmas and needing to sit down in front of the telly. Their campaign says goodbye to a stressful 2019 by highlighting all the best bits about having some Christmas downtime with family and friends.


8. Serious: Greenpeace – Turkey vs Potato

Ok, so this is the serious one. If you’re a turkey eater, you might feel the desire to skip this ad but it is about one of the more important topics of 2019, the environment and deforestation. Greenpeace has estimated that an area of land the size of Glasgow is needed to grow enough soya feed for the average amount of turkeys eaten in the UK.


9. Movement: Marks & Spencer – Go Jumpers for Christmas

This year M&S have swapped their usual celebrity Christmas ads for a fresh take on increasing their clothing sales. Using new agency, ODD,  they’ve incorporated a classic nostalgic track and some contemporary moves to create a Christmas jumper celebration.


10. The Champion: John Lewis – Excitable Edgar

It’s oddly become something many creatives look forward to every year. Always guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings, John Lewis are champions of using emotive storytelling to showcase the important, and profitable, message of showing your loved ones just how much you care with the right present.

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