January is without doubt the most popular month to begin a new job search, with 75% of people considering a new role. Competition will be at its highest so here’s how to find a great new job this January…


Define your career goals

It’s important to have an honest think about your career goals. What do you want to achieve in the next few years and how will this move be the first step in achieving those goals?

First consider why you want a new job. Are you looking for better progression and development opportunities, a change of pace, or do you want to work in a specific field/industry?

Set clear objectives before you begin your search. Think about whether you need a set salary or want to be at a certain seniority level. Are you working toward a financial goal or a personal one with better work/life balance?  You don’t want to waste time applying for opportunities that don’t align with your goals.


Research potential employers

Once you know your career goals, you can then research employers that align with your values. Compile a shortlist and do some digging to see the type of organisations that will suit your needs. Check their company website, do a Google news search to review their press and check employee reviews and social proof on sites like Glassdoor.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Do I understand and align myself with their company values and goals?
  • Will I receive support, progression and development?
  • What is the company culture and working environment like?
  • How will I benefit from working here?
  • Will I find the work fulfilling?

You can find out more in our blog post: How To Research A Prospective Employer and What To Look For


Get your ducks in a row

If you’re looking to apply for new roles, you need to create a great first impression. The first thing to take care of is your CV.  Make sure your CV is up to date, grammatically correct and engaging.

It’s also worth drafting a cover letter/personal summary that you can use as a template and tailor to each job application.  Make it enthusiastic and think about your best qualities and what makes you unique.

Next check your online footprint. Google yourself and review what looks good and what doesn’t from an employer’s perspective. You may need to make a few changes, editing social media profiles or your privacy settings so not everything is public.

Review and update your LinkedIn profile. In order to stand out, include achievements (in percentages and statistics where you can) to demonstrate ways in which you’ve excelled at KPIs. Add rich media such as images and videos, and make sure you’ve been active recently, posting news or articles in your area of expertise.

Your online personal brand will influence others’ perceptions of you, and it’s important you create a positive impression. See our more detailed blog on this topic: How To Create A Great Personal Brand For Online


Are you interview ready?

If you haven’t interviewed with anyone in a while, set some time aside to prepare. Run through practice scenarios and start thinking about your answers to some of the most common interview questions.

Your research on each job/company should inform your answers to the more generic questions. For standard competency questions, such as ‘Tell me about a time you resolved conflict’, construct your answers using your own real life experiences and include examples of qualifications and achievements.

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Finding the right roles

If you are looking for a particular type of role then stick to job boards dedicated to dedicated functions; whether that’s tech, design or marketing. Only apply to roles that are appropriate for your career goals.

Have you connected with a specialist recruiter? As a candidate it costs nothing to work with a recruiter and they can make your job search a lot easier. A good recruiter will not only supply you with possible jobs to choose from, they will also be able to offer advice and support. They should also be able to give you more detailed information about companies such as culture and structure that you won’t be able to learn from a job advert.

Our specialist consultants understand your market, and can give you great insight and guidance throughout the job search process.

We also help candidates create a video profile discussing your skills and experience that can be sent to potential employers along with your CV. This can help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive market.

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