Established in 2006, to deliver better customer experience through more personable and transparent recruitment relationships, Hanover has always retained its boutique, start-up feel. While our core values have remained, since inception, economic shifts and technological advancement have helped to shape the recruitment agency we have become, enabling greater digital recruitment.


We value being

Transparent; using an open and frank communication style.

Consultative; adding value whenever possible and educating our clients and candidates about the recruitment market.

Innovative; in the way that we package and offer recruitment solutions and combine innovative technologies to offer a more progressive recruitment experience.

Personable; bringing a positive, friendly and understanding attitude to the job.


Looking ahead

We see continued fierce competition for digital talent on a global scale. Although technology has changed the business, recruitment remains an activity lost or won on the strength of its human relationships. We believe in identifying, combining, and deploying the latest technologies and strategies to underpin the personable human relationships that drive successful hiring.  Find out more about our progressive recruitment services.

Hanover Recruitment About


We’re a driven team and believe our success is due to our consultants’ exceptional skills. This comes from an understanding of the marketplace, monitoring emerging trends and utilising new technologies. Our services are supported by our award-winning internal training and a positive, rewarding company culture.


We understand that offering a market leading service to our customers, starts with building and developing a fully engaged, motivated and talented team. We demand a lot from ourselves, continually striving to raise the bar and improve everything that we do. As a result we have to be very proactive about creating the right culture, offering the right rewards, and providing great career development.

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